FCI uses cutting edge technology to ensure accurate and consistent follow-up.

- Ontario Systems Corporation Artiva Agency software
- Ontario Systems Corporation Guaranteed Contacts Predictive Dialer
- Information Access Technology (IAT) CT Center Predictive Dialing (PD) and Interactive Calling(IC)
- McKesson/Relay Health HTP Electronic Eligibility Software
- State-of-the-Art Skip Tracing relationships, including Lexis-Nexis, TransUnion and Experian.
- Nortel Systems Call Center Suite Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) with decision logic
- Custom document management system that interfaces with the Ontario Systems Artiva Agency system.
- Two-Way File Transfer
  Completely HIPAA compliant, we offer our clients the ability to keep their host systems up-to-date with activity on each patient account being worked. 
  Current interfaces with Siemens Soarian, Siemens Invision, Siemens MedSeries4, Meditech, McKesson/HBOC, CPSI, as well as Ontario Systems Artiva
  Healthcare products.


FCI delivers the financial results and accountability that today’s healthcare organizations demand. Our reporting mechanisms are tailored to your exact needs and preferences.